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About General Grinding, Inc.

General Grinding, Inc.  was first organized in the early forties, as an automotive parts grinding shop. After the war, the company decided to capitalize on its expertise in precision grinding procedures and techniques to secure a niche in the metal trades. The company now focuses its resources on the biggest and best of available technology to provide service to thousands of industrial users who cannot justify owning their own equipment or lack the expertise our machinists have acquired.

General Grinding, Inc.  is a precision grinding job shop. We provide grinding service in the following areas:

  • Blanchard: abrasive machining of plates, castings and fabrications
  • Centerless: barstock sizing and screw machine parts
  • Internal: dimensioning internal diameters and faces including honing
  • Cylindrical: controlling outside diameters on shafts and rounds
  • Surface: creating formed or flat surfaces in a plane including 48 CNC Creep-feed  

    General Grinding, Inc. has no product lines - we contract to manufacture parts complete and ready for assembly for industry and government. These include precision roller bearings, printer components, tooling and fixtures, pultrusion dies for fiberglass products, industrial blades and knives, diesel engine parts, aerospace components, laser components and parts for research and development experiments.

    We are proud of our employees who have recently joined together with management in a productivity program to build teams that develop action items addressing continuous improvement of our procedures. The 100 hours of training and the long term cost of implementation of employee-suggested improvements is a major investment in our most valuable resource, our employees.

  • General Grinding, Inc. - Specializing in Blanchard, Centerless, Surface, Cylindrical and Internal Grinding
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    Specializing in Blanchard, Centerless, Surface, Cylindrical and Internal Grinding

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